It's the engagement platform for the Internet of Everything.

And it's simply powerful.

Simple tools for great results.

Our platform is easy to use yet drives powerful results. We help you create rich mobile apps that automatically respond to being in a specific place.

No coding required. A sense of wonder mandatory.

Insanely Great Mobile Experiences

We'll help you create mobile experiences powered by beacons, proximity, geofences and other sensors. When we do, we'll help you to deliver highly personalised, relevant experiences for your customers.

The dot3 platform is quick and easy to use and allows us to create new channels in the app, update existing information immediately and deploy specific content to specific beacons effortlessly.

Jon Little - Kew Gardens

Our Secret Sauce

The dot3 platform is your tool kit to manage customer engagement. But it isn't just a CMS. It's an entirely new approach to publishing content for the Internet of Everything and lets you manage apps, devices, screens and places.

Real Time Synchronization

Imagine being able to personalise a user's app experience in absolute real time. We don't just mean targeting an offer or two, we mean personalising the entire experience so that it's always relevant and personal.

Online and Offline

Imagine your user goes offline. Or your store has areas where cell coverage just doesn't reach. Our platform manages offline to online synching without missing a beat.

Connect Everything

We're global experts on beacon technology. But we realized that the Internet of Everything is...well, everything. So we can connect any type of sensor or data type as a way to make your app smarter and better.

It's omnichannel on steroids.
Because, for dot3, the entire world is the channel.